How To Launch A Business In Upper Darby Pennsylvania

Owners of a New Business or a Takeover of an Existing Business are required to apply for an Upper Darby Use & Occupancy Business Permit . Businesses must comply with all pertinent requirements of the Township's zoning, building, fire and property maintenance code requirements. Residents may apply to operate a Home Based Business if their home complies with the Upper Darby Zoning Code Identify the Location and understand the Zoning Requirements Upper Darby Zoning Code seeks to promote the development of properly regulated commercial and industrial uses, avoid a mixture of incompatible uses within zones, and promote residential neighborhoods that are safe, attractive, and conducive to the protection of property values. The Upper Darby Zoning Map specifies zoning districts, each with their own regulations and requirements. If your business is not correctly zoned, you may need to spend additional time and money seeking a zoning variance. The Zoning Licenses & Inspections can assist you with this process.

Complete the Upper Darby Use & Occupancy Business Permit Application Upper Darby requires business owners to complete the Use & Occupancy process and pay a non-refundable fee before applying for a Business License. The team in Licenses & Inspections will review your application to ensure that the business complies with zoning regulations, understand what goods or services you will be selling, and to help you identify the certificates, permits, and licenses you may need to open your business. Please download the Use & Occupancy Business Permit Application to get started.

Complete the Upper Darby Use & Occupancy Business Permit Application

Upper Darby requires business owners who want to sell goods or provide services to obtain a use permit from the Department of Planning and Development (DPD). This permit allows businesses to operate legally in the township. It also provides the necessary documentation to establish legal liability on behalf of the owner. DPD reviews applications to determine whether they meet the criteria established by the Upper Darby ZBA. Once approved, the applicant receives a Certificate of Compliance which serves as proof that the business meets the zoning ordinance requirements. The Certificate of Compliance is valid for one year. After the first year, the certificate expires and the business must reapply. For more information about the Certificate of Compliance.

Businesses that will Sell, Serve, or Prepare Food

If you plan to sell food products, prepare food, or serve food at your establishment, you must have a Food Service License. You must also have a Food Establishment License if you intend to cook, bake, brew, distill, bottle, package, preserve, or otherwise prepare alcoholic beverages.

The Team in Licenses & Inspectations will review your application to make sure it meets the criteria established by the ZBA. They will also advise you of any other licensing requirements you may need to obtain.

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Building and Signage Permits

A Building Permit is required for new construction projects. An Inspectional Services Officer will inspect your project to verify compliance with the Upper Darby Building Ordinance. Your permit will be issued once the inspection has been completed.

An Architectural Review Board (ARB) consists of three members appointed by the Mayor. ARBs are responsible for reviewing plans submitted for approval prior to issuance of a building permit. The purpose of the ARB is to protect the health, safety, welfare, and aesthetics of the community. The ARB is charged with ensuring that proposed buildings conform to the standards set forth in the Upper Darby Building Code.

An Electrical Inspector will perform inspections of electrical systems and equipment to ensure compliance with the Upper Darbys Electrical Code. The Electrical Inspector will issue a Certificate of Compliance upon completion of an inspection.

A Plumbing Inspector will perform plumbing inspections to ensure compliance with the Lower Darby Plumbing Code. The Plumbing Inspector will issue a Certificate Of Compliance upon completion of an examination.

A Fire Marshal will conduct fire inspections to ensure compliance with all applicable codes, ordinances, and laws pertaining to fire protection. The Fire Marshal will issue a Certificate of Completion upon completion of an inspection and certification.

A Health Inspector will perform inspections to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations regarding sanitation, food service, and public health. The Health Inspector will issue a Certificate Upon Completion of an Examination.

A Structural Engineer will review structural designs and specifications to ensure compliance with the Uniform Statewide Building Code. The Structural Engineer will issue a Certificate of Satisfaction upon completion of an examination and verification of compliance.

A Landscape Architect will review landscape design plans to ensure compliance with the Landscaping Ordinance. The Landscape Architect will issue a Certificate of Approval upon completion of an examination of the site plan.

How To Launch A Business In Upper Darby Pennsylvania

Register Your Business with Upper Darby

You can register your business online. This process allows you to create a profile, add information about your business, and upload documents such as photos, videos, and more. Once registered, you can update your information whenever you want. You can also download forms from their website or print them out.

Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

If you have employees who work at your business, you must obtain an EIN. If you do not already have one, you can apply for an EIN through the IRS. You may need this number if you file taxes.

Apply For A License From Upper Darby

To operate a retail establishment, barbershop, beauty salon, florist shop, funeral home, liquor store, massage parlor, medical clinic, pharmacy, pool hall, tanning salon, tobacco shop, tattoo parlor, video arcade, or wedding chapel, you must first obtain a license from Upper Darby Borough Council.

Obtain a Permit to Operate

Before opening your business, you must get a permit from Upper Darby Borough. You will need to provide proof of insurance, pay fees, and sign a contract agreeing to comply with borough code.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get a license for a business? There is a fee of $125 to register a limited liability company (also known as filing articles of incorporation) with the Pennsylvania Department of State. If you are submitting your application on your own, this should be the only fee that you are responsible for paying. You will, however, wind up spending more money if you utilize the services of a third-party website or consultant.

A license to collect and remit sales tax is the one required most frequently. A company that sells taxable products and services, including digital products sold online, is required to have this license in order to operate legally. A business needs to obtain a license to collect and remit the required 6% sales tax in order to operate legally.

Before beginning business operations in the state of Pennsylvania, you are required by law to first obtain a business license. The goods or services that a business sells and the organizational structure of the company both play a role in determining the licensing requirements that must be met. In addition, the requirements, as well as the costs, of licenses and permits may vary between different local municipalities.